About Me

Guido Theuns

Highly skilled and result-oriented executive with 25 years of successful international business experience in Europe, Middle-East, South-East Asia, India, Russia and Latin America. Outstanding social and communication skills, excellent large deal closer/negotiator, able to work on highest political levels countrywide. Complemented with excellent skills in portfolio management as well as asset allocation and risk management of equity portfolios. Strong background in conducting security analysis, trading equity and index exchange traded options, constructing and developing financial and derivatives models. Mr. Theuns started his career at the Utrecht State University, in the Department of Research and Development in Higher Education, as a Scientific Researcher, Mr. Theuns was doing research on Computer Aided Learning Programs and Artificial Intelligence. After this, Mr. Theuns worked for over 25 years in the international IT business in various management positions. Mr. Theuns entered the arena of the financial markets in 1995 trading options on oil. In 1996, Mr. Theuns formed a closed-end Fund on the Dutch Options Exchange in Amsterdam. From 2000, Mr. Theuns worked as a registered Referral Party for Salomon Smith Barney in New York for fixed income products (CDO’s) and as a commercial director for Extended Financial Services Ltd. in Hong Kong , registered with the Authority Financial Markets in The Netherlands and Referral Party for Merrill Lynch. In 2012 Mr Theuns formed a new master/feeder structured Hedge Fund based in Grand Cayman on Market Making activities on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). Mr. Theuns has a Bachelor in Science and a Teaching degree in Chemistry and Mathematics of the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht (Netherlands) (1986).